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Welcome to the UserEasy Computer Systems technical discussion forum.  The place to post your questions and get feedback from the UserEasy technical community.  Users helping users and our techs jumping in as necessary to give you a hand with your technical troubles.  Post your questions here and enjoy!


3 Responses to UserEasy Techtalk forum

  1. mike says:

    im trying to put a shortcut on desk top for webcam but cant find where to go. cam works on yahoo but i just want to use camera in general i have an ACER EXTENSA 5620-6830

  2. Carlton Shideler says:

    I had a question, about a lenovo laptop.
    My friend has one, and she says the screen is going gray and it is weird, and its like a static tv.
    But she says when she pushes the upper left corner of the border of the screen, the black plastic part, a certain spot, and the screen will work.
    So we think its the wiring in the screen/monitor.
    Any suggestions?

    • UserEasy says:

      Sounds like you may have a shorted cable or more likely a short in your Lenovo LCD. We can replace the LCD if you send your unit to our repair facility in Grand Rapids, MI. Cost estimates for LCD replacement or repair require the full model and serial number of your unit so we can determine which Lenovo LCD will be needed for the laptop repair.

      Let us know if we can be of further assistance to you.

      UserEasy Technical Support
      200 Colrain SW
      Grand Rapids, MI 49548

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